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A Cartoon Network soccer game featuring recent cartoon characters

Toon Cup 2018 is a soccer game featuring newer cartoon characters from the Cartoon Network. The characters were created between 2009 to 2018. Play games to earn in-game coins to spend on buying new players.

Fast-Paced with duel controls

Toon Cup 2018 uses two circular controls on your screen. The one on the left is used by pressing down on it and swiping in different directions to indicate your player’s movement direction. The button on the right is used to shoot (if your character is looking at the goal), or pass (if your character is looking at another of your players. The button on the right is also used for tackling. The game has simple controls with very few tactics, but it becomes slightly more tactical as you progress. For example, you may earn a character that has a faster sprint, which means you can run down the middle of the pitch rather than shooting from the wings or passing back.

Oddly Limiting And Short Sighted

Toon Cup 2018 was created to capture some of the World Cup soccer popularity. However, it mostly features cartoon characters that very young children will like, and that girls will like, and both demographics are rarely considered part of soccer’s target audience. Nevertheless, it has an odd charm and is very easily to play and control. Plus, the 2D characters have been seamlessly integrated into a 3D arena, which is more than most of these types of games can achieve on a mobile device.


  • Surprisingly good graphics considering the 2D and 3D mix
  • Fluid and well-programmed player controls


  • Needs more unlockables
  • The power shot is a little unpredictable


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Toon Cup 2018


Toon Cup 2018 1.3.12 for Android


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